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The role of the Design Professional has been changing over the last few decades.  Gone are the days when architects could simply play the part of an all-knowing and omniscient genius whose thoughts were irrefutable and whose designs could not be questioned.

Good Riddance!

Trans/Form Architecture believes whole- heartedly that an architect’s role is to create a collaborative and honest atmosphere and help guide a team of responsible owners, consultants, builders and suppliers in order to bring projects to completion in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.

Trans/Form Architecture believes that all of us have a core responsibility to be sensitive to the environmental effects of our actions. As a projects architect, Trans/Form will look for opportunities to minimize further damage to our planet and its resources.  We believe in renovation, recycling and adaptive reuse and strive to incorporate these principles when we have the opportunity.

Trans/Form Architecture, consciously, is not committed to any one design philosophy or style.  Good design is timeless and part of a continuum that should be respected.  Different design opportunities demand different solutions.

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